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 What kind of milk should you give your kids?

From a very early age, children are encouraged by their parents to drink milk, whether they like it or not. Milk is an important source of calcium, protein, vitamins and minerals for babies. It is vital for brain development and bone structure. Moreover, it is an important energy booster for kids and improves their immunity.

But what type of milk should kids be drinking once they’ve stopped being breast fed? Transition from breast milk to cow milk can be difficult which is why the caliber of the milk is vital. Besides other nutrients, many children don’t even get enough fat and calories in their diet and therefore usually need the extra fat from dairy. A2 Gir Cow Milk can thus prove to be a good option for healthy growth. We at Desi Farms provide this milk, which is not only unadulterated but also antibiotics free. 

Moreover, if children refuse to drink at least one to two glasses of milk a day, parents can turn to other bi-products of milk like flavored milk, yoghurt and bread, all of which is available at Desi Farms. So, while considering what brand of milk to select for your child at your nearby hypermarket, look for Desi Farms for good taste and great quality.

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