Are You Sure Your Milk is Pure?

So, How will we prove it? In case you doubt our milk quality,our chemist will rush to your doorstep with all the necessary equipment to do QUALITY and ADULTERATION tests in front of you.Even after that if your doubt persists, you are most welcome to send our sample to any lab across the world to test the quality of our milk.If we fail the test, we will pay the entire amount of that month’s subscription. (T&C Apply)
We are proud to be the first to bring this TRANSPARENCY POLICY in the Milk Industry from August 2016
Did you know that India ranks first in milk production accounting for 18.5% of world production? This is a good news as well as a bad news! because more than 70% of the milk produced in India is adulterated!

Corn Starch may be added to your milk to make it look thicker

Your milk may look like natural milk but its a chemical concoction which looks, feels and even tastes like natural milk

Adulterated Milk has hazardous health effects