Is Gir Cow Milk Really the Most Nutritious Choice?

Cow’s Milk is often considered to be the nectar of life. Be it just plain milk or the variety dairy products that can be derived from it, milk is a rich source of highly beneficial nutrients. And the best form of cow’s milk comes from the Gir cow breed. 

Since the beginning of time, cow’s milk has been abundantly consumed because of its healing powers and health benefits. One of the most important minerals present in it is calcium, which is vital for bone growth and structure. Calcium also aids muscle contraction, blood clotting, regulation of blood pressure and function of cell membrane. A cup of cow’s milk also provides the body’s daily requirement of iodine and potassium. Iodine helps keep thyroid hormones in check. Potassium is needed for proper heart functioning and, together with calcium, prevents kidney stone formation in the body. Let’s not forget that cow’s milk also has protein, which has ultimate benefits to our body.

When it comes to vitamin content, cow’s milk is filled with vitamin A, vitamin B2 and vitamin B12. Vitamin A is needed to protect against the invasion of microorganisms and their toxic effects. Vitamin B2 is a great energy booster and Vitamin B12 aids the cells to use protein and carbohydrates.

If the above mentioned insight isn’t convincing enough, it is surprising to note that cow’s milk plays a vital role in protecting colon cells from chemicals that lead to cancer, especially breast cancer. Moreover, cow’s milk does not only help women during PMS in their menstruation cycle, it also helps both kids and adults maintain their weight.

So, switch to Desi Farms collection of Gir cow milk while you still can for a healthier, fulfilling life.


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