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How milk tackles nutrition issues

The super food called milk
Drink healthy; live healthy with the mega food called milk
Milk, a simple guide for healthy eating
Meet The Nutrition Expert – Milk!
Nature has its own ways to nurture. Even for the newly born who still has time to learn his way to healthy eating, the wholesome nutrition is provided through his primary food- Milk. A healthy life is derived from a well-balanced and nutritious diet and the vital nutrients required for growth, whether human or animal is catered by the most basic food, Milk. Milk is not only delicious but serves right for the entire nutritional requirement which is quintessential for our body. In the times of improper eating and nutritional deficiencies across the globe, milk and its various derived products proudly take care of a complete nutri boost. The six basic nutritional elements which are responsible for the overall development include carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals, fat and water. Milk provides all of the six nutrients which are much higher as compared to its calorific value.
Milk, the multi nutritionist
1. Carbohydrates. Carbohydrates, is the fuel which our body needs, physically as well as mentally. It is the main energy provider of the body and constitutes 5% of the weight of the milk. Carbs consumed through food is broken down into glucose which is then supplied to the body cells to create energy. In milk, Carbohydrates are present in the form of lactose which is further broken down into glucose and galactose to be used by the body.
2. Protein. Protein is the main ingredient which is responsible for building up the muscle mass in our body and milk is a rich source of high quality protein. Protein in milk is found in two forms: The soluble protein, which is called whey protein and casein, the insoluble one. They are present in the denomination of 2:3. Casein improves the absorption of minerals in our food and also helps in lowering the blood pressure levels in our body.
3. Vitamins and Minerals. Milk is an excellent source of many important vitamins and minerals which play a significant role in the healthy growth and development of the body. Apart from widely known composition of vitamin D and calcium, which is responsible for strong bones and teeth, there are elements like Vitamin B12, phosphorous and riboflavin which enhance our growth.
4. Fat. Fat is another energy provider and is also the backup source of energy in absence of carbohydrates. Fat present in milk is one of the most complex energy source present in natural foods. The composition of fat in milk constitutes more than 400 types of fatty acids which provide nutrition in equally variable ways. Fat in milk is almost 4% of the complete nutrition package.
5. Water. Water is the basic element of human body. It transports the vital nutrients to the basic element of life, the cells. The importance of water in human body is incontestable and its presence in milk is 88%. While water does not have direct benefit in human diet as other nutritional element but is extremely important for the body’s metabolism.
Pure Milk is a gift for life
Milk is the most nutritious food, in fact one of the rarest food which serves such varied health components on a single platter but only if you are having it in its purest form. In today’s time when adulteration has affected almost every sector of our lives, debasement of food does not remain untouched. Adulteration in milk is something which is very common and has adversely affected the nutritional quotient of this super food. What could make it worse is that the adulteration in milk has gone beyond just addition of water and has extended to addition of urea and formation of synthetic milk. Adulteration in milk is a serious concern for the milk enthusiasts.
Desi Farms, your trusted milkman
Milk is certainly one of the most beautiful gifts of nature but only when it is consumed in its purest form. Getting your daily dose of nutrition in the form of milk, directly from the dairy farm or the milkman might be a tedious task in today’s busy life. But you can consider your search for the pure milk over with Desi Farms. We are committed to serve our valued customers by supplying milk in its purest form. Our milk undergoes several tests for purity before it is delivered at your doorsteps. Desi Farms, is your trusted milkman, which takes care of your daily nutrition. Your health is our priority. Trust Desi Farms, your simple guide to healthy living.

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