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A2 Gir Cow Milk Keeping You A1-Dering

We as Indians have progressed from a society where diary has played a vital role in our dietary regime. So it’s safe to say that we equally care about the caliber of the milk that we consume.

Milk from cows that have grown locally is measured best for its natural habitat as they sustain around the local population. Thus the A2 milk from Gir cows, one such potential breed of cattle is congenial to the local crowd but is much undervalued.

More often than not we over indulge on diary items like milk, butter, cheese, and ghee while most of us are health concerned a similar concern keeps us far from devouring dairy since it is 

prevalently accepted to add fats to our body.

Gir Cow has various advantages that upgrade our wellbeing and honor a long life. The nutritious milk additionally comprises of higher nutritional values. It incorporates vitamin A2, E, and D alongside Omega 3. 

The Gir Cow A2 milk is also capable of treating the broken bones. Aside from this it likewise averts and treats medical conditions. It cures sleep deprivation, best for joint massage, slows down the aging process and above all it is useful for individuals prone to obesity. Illnesses like Asthma and headaches can also be prevented.

A majority of the population is unaware of the health benefits of the A2 Gir cow milk. Cow’s milk contains 2 kinds of protein such as the A1 and A2. Many researchers have confirmed that the A2 protein is the more facile alternative which can be found in our ‘Desi’ cows (Gir); which helps avoid indigestion, constipation or even irritable bowel movements.

These differences in the protein composition of A2 milk from others can be significantly marked by how your body agrees with it.

To come to a conclusion, the A2 milk produced by ‘Desi’ cows (Gir) is nature’s ideal sustenance, with a large number of valuable supplements including sugars, proteins and micronutrients whose consumption advances immunity and longevity.

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